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Crippled by inconsistency. Truly a waste of money.

Here are the signs of a half-baked app: 1. Wrap-to-Window does nothing. (Unlike Text Edit which toggles with Wrap-to-Page) 2. Toolbar customizations do not stick. They are not preserved across documents or open/closing. 3. The Sidebar toggle toggles sometimes, most times not. And when it does toggle in, it collapse the writing portion of the document window to a ridiculously narrow space. Wrote develper - no response. Asked Apple for refund - could not get form to complete (“try again later”). All those $5-$15 word processors flooding the App Store seem to be amateur efforts to adapt and brand the same code base - same limited function set, nothing original or compelling. I asked the Write 2 developer (another example of the new breed of crapware word processors) why page breaks show up in draft mode and he simply said it just works that way and that the other customer who asked about it “was an idiot”. Buying Write Docs was like flushing $15 down the toilet. Stick to TextEdit or ... I decided instead to update my license for Nisus Writer. That guy is a pro - the app is powerful, reliable and fun. It is not on the App Store but don’t let that bother you. Some of the best developers are not. *** Correction: Nisus IS on the App Store *** No, I am not a shill for Nisus, just an experienced writer who flirted with cheap and got, not what I paid for, but nothing at all - not with Write Docs.

Write Doc

Having used MAC word processor Pages for years, and always frustrated by needing to change the formatted font, spacing, etc. each time, Write Docs is superior to Pages in its ease of use, allowing for setting of any font or format you may desire, including and use of color. With Pages, there is the task of filing a draft or completed document, while Write Doc has its own file, simplifying reopening the draft or a finished document. A document can be sent right from this word processor, another quality Pages lacks. And you do not have the apprehension of losing a draft that you may have spent some time on, which has been an occurrence for me with Pages. Write Doc turned my iMAC into a true word processor for daily use. An exceptional bargain at $10 and more valuable than Pages.

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